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hunniepies's Journal

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Welcome to Hunniepies! Here you will find nothing but blinkies & sigtags! Our community is made up of several different makers. The membership is moderated, and we have the right to approve and deny whoever we want. Please make sure you read the rules below before requesting to join.

» Always use your manners when requesting.
» Please credit maker @ hunniepies.
» Always save to your own server. Don't hotlink!
» Do not edit/crop/take anything that is made here.
» Do not start any drama. Drama will NOT be tolerated!
Here are the most common reasons a journal may be denied membership. If you were recently denied, and are not sure why, please feel free to ASK us!
- Your journal MUST be over 30 days old and you MUST have more than just communities listed as friends. The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are already a member here, and you COMMENT to let us know you are changing usernames.
- Your graphics/icons/coding are not credited at all, or only 1/2 of your graphics are credited.
- You don't seem to use the graphics that we make here.
- You are a known thief or drama mama.
- You belong to a known or highly suspected graphic theft community.
Our community currently has 08 wonderful makers. We are not accepting anymore applications at this time.

- cutes MOD
- autumn_mist MOD
- rockgirl182


We'd love for you to promote us. Feel free to snag one of the blinkies below & place it in your userinfo. You may hotlink these. :)


appeasable, puffblinks, sugardust, leaky_blinks, whisperies, snowfalliing, bodysh0ts, dreamyeyes, thepixelplace, blinkamerica, beauties
Interested in being affiliates with us? Leave a comment on the Member's Only post!

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